What is Treinta Yuna?

Treinta Yuna is a lifestyle company whose mission is to develop and nurture communities of women by fueling relationships, fueling growth, and fueling inspiration.

We believe there is something special, inimitable that defines womanhood, a je ne se quois, that we, as members of this persuasion, recognize and spend our entire lives trying to refine for ourselves.

Our femininity is one that we aren’t afraid of. It is a strength and softness that we boldly embody. A bohemian spirit that we joyfully exude. A simpleness of which we easily partake. A community that we restfully abound in.

At Treinta Yuna, we write for the woman.

For the woman who likes to be pampered.
For the woman who loves her tribe.
For the woman who wants to be a light to others.
For the woman who can make anything with her hands.
For the woman who knows and loves food.
For the woman who won’t sit still.
For the woman who loves a good excuse to celebrate.
For the woman who loves fashion.
For the woman who can make a house a home.
For the woman who has a way with words.
For the woman who still has questions.
For the woman who is unsatisfied with the given answers.
For the woman who is still trying to find her way.

Why This Matters.

At Treinta Yuna, we use our words and practices to…

Fuel Relationships.

provide women with the confidence, skills, and goods necessary to develop, nurture, and sustain authentic community with other women.

Fuel Growth.

to be a source of knowledge, conversations, and goods that facilitate discovery and fuel the evolution and maturing of women’s worldviews, spiritual journeys, and relationships.

Fuel Inspiration.

to provide consistent, refreshing words and goods that embolden women to strive for new heights of leadership, service, entrepreneurship, creativity, and exploration.

Let’s redefine womanhood. #ThisIsWomanhood.