Cultivating Mercy from a Heart of Thankfulness

Cultivating Mercy From a Heart of Thankfulness | Treinta Yuna

During the holiday season, we become increasingly aware of all that we have and this awareness brings forth a particular brand of thankfulness and remembrance that characterizes this season. Reflecting on all that we have received in the past year puts us in jovial moods and high spirits just in time for the most wonderful time of the year. But let’s not let the mood stop there, with us just being happy with what we have. Instead, let’s use this feeling of thankfulness to propel us to grow and to cultivate a posture of grace and mercy toward others.

“There is something about being given an unexpected, meaningful gift that makes you feel remembered, known, and cherished.”

If grace can be thought of as getting something you don’t deserve, then thankfulness is a natural response to grace. If you work hard for something, you expect to be given your dues. But when you receive an unexpected gift that you did absolutely nothing to deserve, you’re grateful for it. There is something about being given a meaningful gift that makes you feel remembered, known, and cherished. Not forgotten, but loved; worth someone’s thoughts.

Don’t let your thankfulness simply be a passive emotion this year, but remember how you felt in the moment when you were given a meaningful gift you felt you didn’t do anything to deserve and weren’t expecting . Thankfulness is a good disposition to have. It keeps you humble and makes your actions genuine. Pay it forward and give someone else an unexpected gift; make someone else feel known, and loved, and cherished.  

Courtney T.

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  1. Good job Courtney I like the post and yes we do have so much to he thankful not only during this holiday season but all year long. Keep on blogging I like each and every one
    Carolyn M

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