2017 Treinta Yuna Holiday Gift Guide

Gift guides weren’t on my radar until this year, when I needed to use one for the first time to find gifts for friends. Previously, my only encounters with them were limited to email-delivered, mass-produced, uninspired guides that didn’t present any realistic gift ideas for me or my friends and family.

But this year, while searching, I read many gift guides with a few impressive ideas but I still hadn’t found one that fit my needs overall.

I realized those gift guides were missing one factor that is extremely important in gift giving: personalization. Not a monogram-everything type of personalization, or the kind that calls for picking a friend’s gift based on a few generic personality traits, but the kind of personalization in which you tailor a gift according to her dreams, her specific likes and dislikes, and what is important to her. I wanted to find a gift guide that would suggest gifts that would make her feel known. Instead of continuing the hunt for the right gift guide when my searches returned fruitless , I designed one.

You’ll find in this gift guide that the gift ideas favor small, local businesses and unique experiences that will help you create memories with your people.

This gift guide is my Christmas gift to you. Use this guide to shop directly for these products (there are no affiliate links), or use it as inspiration for other gift ideas for your friends and family.

Without further ado… 

2017 Treinta Yuna Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Treinta Yuna Gift Guide for the Woman who Likes Her Beauty Routine Best When it's Bare | Treintayuna.com

Her motto is “self-care is the best care.” She likes her beauty regimen to be made up of simple products made with whole, clean ingredients and prefers holistic products and regimens to care for her mind and body. Gifts she’ll love:

  1. Primally Pure Cleansing Oil 
  2. BIRCHROSEandCo Cacao + Honey Antioxidant Mask
  3. Philosophy Amazing Grace mini fragrance
  4. City Bee Company Peppermint Vanilla Body Butter


2017 Treinta Yuna Gift Guide for the Woman Who Is Running an Empire | Treintayuna.com

She is balancing a career, a social life, and an active pursuit of her dreams, all while averaging 8 hours of sleep a day. She balances it all with her calendar in her left hand, her coffee in her right hand, her bag on her shoulder, and a bottle of her preferred brand of sweet red on her bar cart, ready to pop after a long week. Her motto is “work hard, play hard.” Gifts she’ll love:

  1. Day Designer January 2018 Daily Planner in Palm
  2. Personalized MacBook Sleeve by RMKstudios
  3. Yoobao High Capacity Power Bank in Rose Gold
  4. Tinggly Essential Gift Box  
  5. Gift card to local coffee brewer/shop. Great ones in Birmingham include here, here, and here.


2017 Treinta Yuna Gift Guide for the Woman Who Loves People | Treintayuna.com

She considers anyone she meets to be “her people”. She seeks to live a cosmopolitan lifestyle in which the world is her community and she explores every bit of it with zeal, forming long-lasting relationships along the way. Gifts she’ll love:

  1. Big Bucket List Book: 133 Experiences of a Lifetime by Gin Saunder
  2. MAHI Leather Personalized Leather Duffel Bag in Cognac
  3. Personalized dipped leather keychain by Madebyperri
  4. Photo album box by Little Fine Arts
  5. Polaroid OneStep 2 i-Type Camera


2017 Treinta Yuna Gift Guide for the Woman Who Knows and Loves Food | Treintayuna.com

She prefers the “dessert-first” approach to eating. And to life. She’s never met a food she isn’t willing to give a chance at least once. She feels comfortable rummaging through the cupboard, pulling together 2 or 3 seemingly opposed ingredients to create a masterpiece of a dish. To her, food is the best way to get people to gather, and she agrees with Julia Childs: “People who love to eat are always the best people.” Gifts she’ll love:

  1. Me, Myself, and Pie: Amish Recipes cookbook by Sherry Gore
  2. Mimira Mug from Anthropologie
  3. Marble Planter from Urban Outfitters. Indoor herb garden anyone?
  4. Chocolatá Stargazer Bar chocolate bar


2017 Treinta Yuna Gift Guide for the Woman Who Can Make a House a Home | Treintayuna.com

She has heard that home is where your heart is, but for her, home is where her people are so she puts her heart and soul into creating a comforting, warm, welcoming space for herself and others. She believes that whether you’re in a transitional stage of life or putting down roots, investing in your home is never a wasted venture. Gifts she’ll love:

  1. Amazon Echo
  2. Capri Blue Volcano candle. You cannot go wrong with this classic scent. 
  3. Lauren Mary Tristripe Throw Blanket 
  4. Vitruvi Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser 


2017 Treinta Yuna Gift Guide for the Woman Who Has a Way With Words | Treintayuna.com

Whether written, spoken, or read, she knows that words can help people go beyond the superficial and connect with others on deeper levels. She finds joy in the pages of novels and in the loops of scripted letters she reads on written correspondence between her and her friends. Gifts she’ll love:

  1. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur
  2. Magazine subscription for Darling Magazine
  3. The Storyteller Series journal by Hallie at Real Stories
  4. Personalized Geode Stationary Set by Said in Layers
  5. Arc Stories Season Tickets or a ticket to a flagship event


2017 Treinta Yuna Gift Guide for the Woman Who Has Her Own Style | Treintayuna.com

She believes that fashion is temporary but style lasts a lifetime. She prefers well-made, classic garments that will last despite changing trends so she patronizes local designers and startup brands instead of fast-fashion boutiques. Gifts she’ll love:

  1. A pair of M4D3 Shoes from Moody Rabbit
  2. Grey knit pom pom wool hat by Wildflower Wool Goods
  3. Personalized Brass Cuff from Consider the Wldflwrs
  4. Belladonna Magazine subscription


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