Cashew and Date Bites

Confession: I have a serious sweet tooth. I would eat ice cream and fudge brownies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if it was socially acceptable or if I could find any research that says it is even slightly healthy for you (ladies, if we believe it we can achieve it. I’m sure we can find proof. Slide the articles in my inbox when you find them).

Until then,  self-control.

When it comes to healthy eating, self-control doesn’t have to mean self-deprivation but there are definitely ways to indulge without breaking the caloric bank. One of my favorite sweet snacks to eat are Lärabars. They’re delicious and a pretty good, simple bar to eat for a quick snack during a long unplanned break between meals or when you just want a quick sweet fix. I love them (cashew cookie is my absolute favorite) but lately I’ve felt that I can satisfy my cravings without needing to eat an entire bar. Since they are made with such a simple list of ingredients (literally just cashews and dates for Cashew Cookie) I thought I’d recreate them, but in much smaller serving sizes so I could pop one or two on the go or as a dessert after my lunch.


The recipe is very simple. I just used thirty pitted Medjool dates and a cup and a half of raw cashews. Toss the dates in a blender and blend them on high until a thick paste forms. Next, toss in the cashews and blend on low to medium speed until the cashews are completely incorporated into the date paste. After a minute, the mix will literally form a dough similar in texture to kneaded bread dough. Once you have achieved this texture you are ready to form bite sized pieces. Take a 1/2 tablespoon scoop from the dough and roll into balls. Place on wax paper in an airtight container and refrigerate to keep fresh. Pro Tip: Before rolling them into balls, oil your hands with a bit of unrefined coconut oil to keep them from sticking to you and to give them a hint of coconut taste.

They are made with dates and so, like any food made with dried fruit, they are pretty carb-heavy. But in smaller serving sizes you may be more likely to enjoy these in moderation instead of taking in excess carbs trying to finish an entire bar. I typically take two and eat them mid-morning because I eat breakfast so early in the morning and eat a late lunch so these help get me through the mid-morning slump.

However you choose to eat them, I’m sure you’ll love them. Who doesn’t love finger food? What are your go-to desserts that aren’t really desserts?

Courtney T.

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