Honey Roasted Figs


The sunny tides of summer are turning and I’m starting to see signs of fall everywhere.

Temperatures are dropping.
Pumpkin spice everything is making another comeback.
Twilight is coming a little earlier each day.

I’m 100% in.

A fruit that I admittedly don’t each much of but that reminds me of fall is the fig. Add the right spices and it becomes the perfect bridge between the bright, acidic fruits of the summer and the spiced fruits of the fall and winter. I was never a big fan of its seedy texture when I was younger, but I purchased figs last week on a whim, determined to find good use for them. And I came up with a recipe that struck gold.

To prepare the figs I appealed to simplicity and referred to a classic pairing: Figs & Honey.

This is the simplest recipe for such a classic dish and it can be eaten as a snack dressed up or dressed down, in a salad, or paired with an assortment of cheeses for entertaining guests.

Just cut the figs down the center, drizzle on the nectar of the gods , and broil them for 5 minutes. When you take them out of the oven, sprinkle with a little sea salt to cut some of the sweet and add contrast to the flavor profile.

To take it up a notch drizzle on some melted dark chocolate and dredge with chopped pistachios. These will be your new favorite snack for this season.

What are some other ways to prepare figs? I need to know! Any recipes are welcome!

Courtney T.

2 thoughts on “Honey Roasted Figs

    1. I know! I kept trying them and just couldn’t get used to the seedy texture. But broiling them makes them a little softer and the honey makes them sooo good! Give it a try!

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