Coffee + Play: Savor


It took a vanilla latte and a sketchy wi-fi connection to remind me to savor.

I went to Octane with my laptop and notebook in my bag, determined to sit for hours and check things off my infamous To-Do list. I ordered my usual, sat down, connected to WiFi, and started working.

Twenty minutes deep into my work I’d attempted to open a new tab and waited for it to load. Ten seconds… I’m waiting… ten more seconds…

I took another sip of my vanilla latte and the fine hair on my arms stood up in waves. I people watched. I watched the little square table in front of me host a succession of people: older ladies catching up over a simple breakfast of scones and drinks, then a young couple who entertained their tutu-clad toddler while laughing with each other, and a woman who sat and studied her Bible while sipping espresso. I spoke to the man next to me, and the man next to him, both of whom were waiting for their laptops to reconnect to WiFi.

Yes, WiFi; what I was there for!

I looked down and it had been an hour and a half already. I’d gotten none of my intended work done but I had sat in the moments and savored them.

And the people. And the conversations. And the music. And the coffee.


This week has been one of preparing for transition. Looking forward to a new season, new routines, a new wardrobe, etc. I’ve found that it takes newness to make me sit and savor the little moments and to appreciate what we’ve just experienced.

This playlist is inspired by that: wanting to just sit in the moment, listen, and enjoy.

What are some of your go to songs to listen to right now? Let me know! I’d love to curate more playlists!

Courtney T.


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