What Does Your Bedtime Routine Look Like?

What does your bedtime routine look like? Do you have one?

Almost a year ago I really struggled during the nighttime. I couldn’t sleep peacefully throughout the night. I was constantly anxious before bed. My mind was spinning its wheels and I was mentally falling apart.

A lot of it had to do with major life changes and my needing to wrestle through difficult decisions. Now that I’ve settled into a new space in life, a lot of my anxiety and nighttime restlessness has dissipated.

What has made a huge impact, though, has been developing (and sticking with) a nighttime routine.

At 8:00 pm I’m starting to tidy up and prepare for my next day. I sleep better when I know things are in their place and I’m prepared for tomorrow as best as I can be. I also start my nighttime beauty/health regimen. Shower, face and skin care, brushing my teeth, etc. You sleep well when you care for yourself well.

At 9:00 pm I’m in the bed catching up on reading. Nothing intense, but not light and leisurely reading either. It’s important to me to read books that feed my mind, spirity, and soul before bed. It feels great to go to bed full- not just physically, but spiritually too.

At 10:00 my eyes are shut, lights are out, and I’m hopefully drifting into what is to be a full night of peaceful sleep.

My nighttime routine looks pretty rigid, but I’ve discovered that I operate best within structure. I think it is so incredibly important to develop a nighttime routine, and it doesn’t have to be rigid, but it should prepare you for your night and so, your tomorrow.

How do you prepare for your nights? What are some routines you’ve developed that help you cultivate discipline in your life?

Courtney T.

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