PB Mocha Banana Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are the newest beautiful food concept I see gaining popularity among foodies. And I get why.

Food bowls are so easy to prepare and are incredibly convenient. And if you are a vegetarian or vegan they make a great visual impact for those of us who like to eat the rainbow. Imagine how much easier it is to include foods of different colors in your meal when you get to see so many colors in your bowl! And they can be tweaked to create a sweet treat that still packs a nutritional punch and won’t kill your hard work in and out of the gym.

I all in.

Here is my take on a smoothie bowl for those days when you need more than just a cup of coffee to start your day (or keep you going).

PB Mocha Banana Smoothie Bowl
– Peanut Butter Banana Nice Cream (frozen bananas blended with Bell Plantation PB2and a splash of coconut milk)
– Chia Seeds
– Dark Chocolate Morsels
– Espresso Powder
– Raw Walnuts
– Coconut Flakes

What are your favorite recipes for smoothie bowls? Let me know! I can always make room in the recipe box for more.

Courtney T.

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