99 Questions

Hey there!

I’ve been watching these Vogue 73 Questions videos recently on YouTube and I am slightly obsessed. They’re so quirky and random but kind of fun. It’s like those videos that you don’t expect to like at first but you watch one, then another, and another and before you know it you’ve watched twenty before lunch.

Some of my favorites? Amy Adams’, Blake Lively’s, Reese Witherspoon’s.

I’ve decided to adapt the concept for myself. It was actually a real challenge to come up with 99 random questions that were cohesive and gave a small insight into who I am. By the end of it I was surprised to learn that I felt inspired to take on some new challenges and switch some things up in my own personal life. Who would have thought this little challenge could do that!? Certainly not me. I would suggest you do this too, even if you don’t tell anyone the answers. You never know what inspiration you could find for yourself by question 99!

  1. How are you feeling today?
    • Cautiously optimistic
  2. What are you looking forward to most today?
    • The publishing of this blog post. And sleep.
  3. What is your biggest regret so far today?
    • Not brewing coffee
  4. What was the first thing on your mind today?
    • Coffee
  5. What do you hope to accomplish today?
    • Work
  6. What do you hope to accomplish this week?
    • My goals for the week (75% there already. Woo!)
  7. What is your favorite color?
    • Pink
  8. What is your favorite animal?
    • Dog
  9. What is your spirit animal?
    • Wolf
  10. Favorite animal that doesn’t exist?
    • Any Lisa Frank creature
  11. What is your favorite song?
    • Depends on the day.
  12. What song do you have on repeat currently?
    • Chandelier cover by Shoshana Bean
  13. What is your favorite food?
    • Red Velvet Cake
  14. Least favorite food?
    • Asparagus
  15. What helps you fall asleep at night?
    • Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata
  16. Where do you want to be right now?
    • Immersed in Spanish culture and taking classes at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  17. Where was your favorite place to travel?
    • Progreso, Yucatán, Mexico
  18. If you could leave everything behind and live anywhere, where would that be?
    • Venice or Greece
  19. Who is your favorite person?
    • Mi madre
  20. What is your favorite snack?
    • Anything salty and sweet
  21. Cupcakes or Cakepops?
    • Cupcakes
  22. Apples or oranges?
    • Apples
  23. What was your childhood nickname?
    • Chocolate
  24. What is the scariest movie you’ve seen?
    • 13 Ghosts; I couldn’t watch it if I wanted to even today
  25. Instagram or Twitter?
    • Instagram
  26. Any tattoos?
    • No but I’ve always wanted a half sleeve
  27. If you got a tattoo, what would it be?
    • Too many possibilities to pick just one
  28. You’re getting your first tattoo, where would it be?
    • My right Shoulder
  29. What pair of shoes in your closet now are your favorite?
    • Classic white converse and my classic black pumps
  30. Favorite pair of jeans?
    • My dark wash boyfriend jeans
  31. Favorite t-shirt?
    • My heather-grey Softwash BHCM tee
  32. What was your favorite subject in high school?
    • English Literature
  33. What was your favorite subject in college?
    • Anatomy
  34. What was your favorite class in college?
    • A special topics class on Social Media. I changed my major because of it (then changed it back to what it was originally…)
  35. Chemistry or biology?
    • Even though I majored in a field of Biology, I prefer chemistry
  36. Algebra or geometry?
    • Algebra
  37. What is happy to you?
    • Doing what you love to do while serving others
  38. What is sad to you?
    • Seeing other people being overtly or covertly bullied
  39. What is scary to you?
    • Looking back on life with major regrets
  40. Describe a pet peeve?
    • Someone eating my food without asking
  41. Can you describe yourself in five words?
    • I’d have to think about it but yes, I can
  42. What are you most excited about at the moment?
    • New endeavors
  43. When is the next alarm on your phone set?
    • My Rise and Shine alarm set for 1645
  44. iPhone or Android?
    • iPhone
  45. How much sleep did you get yesterday?
    • I’ll sleep when I’m dead
  46. Wedges, Pumps, or sneakers?
    • Pumps
  47. Most unnatural hair color you’ve had?
    • Cherry Coke Pink
  48. Do you prefer short or long hair?
    • I’ve had both but long
  49. What is the craziest hairstyle you’ve had?
    • Short, curly red hair
  50. Can you describe your style in elementary school?
    • Playground chic
  51. What about Middle school?
    • Wannabe chic
  52. And High school?
    • Colors, accessories, trends, OH MY!
  53. What 3 words would you use to describe your style now?
    • Unapologetically Feminine. Classic.
  54. If you could only wear one makeup item forever, what would it be?
    • Mascara
  55. What is one thing you’re surprised to learn you can do?
    • Bake!
  56. What is your favorite thing to bake?
    • Brownies
  57. If you opened a restaurant, what would you name it?
    • Experimental
  58. Sweet or salty?
    • Both
  59. Coke or Pepsi?
    • Coke
  60. Do you drink a lot of water?
    • Not nearly enough
  61. What is the weirdest thing you eat?
    • Apples and Mustard. Sounds weird, tastes great
  62. What artist do you have on repeat right now?
    • Alessia Cara
  63. What is the name of your favorite band?
    • The Civil Wars
  64. Favorite artist of all time?
    • Michael Jackson
  65. What is the most recent entry on your Bucket List?
    • Tough Mudder
  66. What is the craziest entry on your Bucket List?
    • To perform in a Broadway Musical
  67. Your phone rings; you’ve just been offered a part in a Broadway Musical. Which one?
    • The Lion King on Broadway
  68. What is the first play you ever saw?
    • I think it was Les Misérables
  69. What play do you want to see now?
    • Hamilton
  70. Earliest movie you remember watching?
    • The Wiz
  71. What was the name of your first pet?
    • Coco
  72. What was the name of your second pet?
    • Lady
  73. Last movie you watched in theatres?
    • The Big Short
  74. Last movie that made you cry?
    • 65_Redroses. It made me ugly cry
  75. First movie that made you cry?
    • The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
  76. Last time you cried?
    • Two weeks ago
  77. How many siblings do you have?
    • None at all
  78. Are you spoiled?
    • Nope
  79. Do you get tired of people asking that question when they find out you’re an only child?
    • Yes
  80. When was the time you felt the girliest?
    • Getting dressed up for high school prom
  81. When was the time you felt most embarrassed?
    • The time I got picked on in Middle school in the girls’ bathroom (Middle school…Ugh)
  82. Favorite feeling?
    • Nostalgia
  83. Least favorite feeling?
    • Turbulence
  84. Favorite memory?
    • October 3, 2013. UAB campus. Sterne Library Starbucks.
  85. Night owl or early bird?
    • Night owl
  86. What is your biggest success so far?
    • Still working on it
  87. What is the best gift you’ve given?
    • Classic white low-top Converse sneakers
  88. What is the best gift you’ve been given?
    • Salvation
  89. What is the worst gift you’ve been given?
    • That wouldn’t be gracious now would it?
  90. If you could go back and repeat any day in your life which one would it be?
    • First day of college
  91. Why?
    • It was so exciting!
  92. What would you do differently that day?
    • Talk to more people
  93. If you hadn’t majored in what you majored in, what would you have majored in?
    • Communications
  94. What is the best advice you can give to your 12-year-old self?
    • I’d tell her to keep doing what she’s doing now. She’ll be a rockstar at it later!
  95. What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?
    • Mama knows best. Listen to her
  96. What advice would you give to your 23-year-old self?
    • Just go for it. Whatever it is
  97. What are you feeling right this moment?
    • Hungry. And Ambitious
  98. What are you going to eat?
    • Made-from-scratch pancakes
  99. What is your life’s motto?
    • Life’s short. Eat dessert first.

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