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I haven’t done a DIY post yet on the blog, which is weird, because I am a  DIY queen.

Before moving in to my condo, I had already planned to utilize the wall space by hanging some floating shelves so that I wouldn’t have to have a bunch of clunky furniture spread around my room. These hanging shelves are so great because they are easy to make and less expensive than traditional bedside tables or classic shelving units. Plus there is potential for lots of personalization. You can paint the edges like this or use chains or twine to match different decor styles.


All you need are:

  • Two 24″ x 7″ wooden planks
  • Yarn
  • Four 1 1/2″ nails
  • Hammer
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors

DIY Hanging Shelves_Supplies

DIY Hanging Shelves_Nails

I got the wood for my shelves cut at Home Depot. You can get wood cut at pretty much any hardware store or lumber yard you can find. I wanted a deep espresso color for my shelves so I bought a small can of Minwax wood stain and stained my shelves before I began this project. Pro Tip: if you want to stain your shelves be sure to give yourself at least a full 24 hours so that they can dry before you begin hanging them.

DIY Hanging Shelves_Staining


You start by measuring two 60″ pieces of yarn then folding them in half and tying the loose ends. That will be the first “rope” of the four needed to hang both shelves. Once you finish making all four ropes, set them aside.

DIY Hanging Shelves_Yarn

On your shelves, make a small mark two inches in from the sides. This mark will be the guide you use to know where to hammer the nails into the wall. Figure out where you want your shelves to hang on your wall, find those two marks you made on your shelves, then make a mark on the wall 9″ above those marks. This is where you’ll hammer the nails into the wall. Pro Tip: hammer the nails into the wall at an angle, this way they are less likely to move around in the drywall or slip out altogether once you put items on your shelves.

Take one of your yarn pieces, move the knot to the middle, then twist it so it looks like a rope. Hang one end on the nail, sit the shelf in it, then hang the other end on the nail. Do this to the second rope then adjust the shelf and rope so that the shelf is level and flush with the wall. Repeat these steps to hang the second shelf.

DIY Hanging Shelves_Hanging the Rope

Once your shelves are hung, put your candles, jewelry, or whatever you want on them and enjoy the view! Then pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

DIY Hanging Shelves_Finished Close Up

These shelves are my favorite DIY that I’ve done in the condo so far because they were so easy, so functional, don’t take up much space, and my jewelry and knickknacks finally have somewhere to go other than on the floor! If you have a limited amount of space to work with (such as in a small room, in a hall, or even an entryway) these shelves are an excellent way to display your cute little odds and ends without taking up your already-limited space!

Altogether this project costs less than $30 and anyone can do it with simple tools that most everyone has around the house.

What DIYs have you done for your space? If you post any pics I’d love to see! Tag me on Instagram!





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