Elizabeth’s Freshest Five Minute Salad…Take Two

Freshest Salad 1

A few weeks ago my friend Elizabeth wrote a blog post about “The Freshest Five Minute Salad” that she made while on vacation at the lake. I’m a really picky salad eater but oh my gosh that salad looked so good. It had all the right ingredients and the added barbecue sauce spoke to my southern soul.

Yes, salad with barbecue sauce because, yum!

So simple, but I bet so tasty. I’ve always been so picky with the types of salads I like because in my experience they’ve always been so boring. But hey, why not have fun and add a bit of Q to your salad? Who says salads have to be vanilla?

This weekend I went grocery shopping and deliberately picked up a few items that I don’t usually use for salads but thought would be good in this one. I’ve decided to try out Elizabeth’s recipe, but with a few substitutions of my own. That’s why I’m calling my rendition the Freshest Five Minute Salad, Take Two.

I started by cooking chicken breast fillets with a simple seasoning: Mrs. Dash and a little dash of salt. I know you’re thinking why the Mrs. Dash when I added salt anyway? I like to use a tiny bit of salt to enhance the flavor of the Mrs. Dash. That way I can have great flavor with controlled salt intake.

I cooked up a bunch of the fillets to have ready for more meals this week. I’m officially on the meal prep train!

Freshest Salad 2

Now for the salad itself. I used mixed spring greens as the base. I added a fillet of chicken breast, chopped into small cubes. I also added feta cheese, chopped tomatoes, sunflower kernels, and Craisins. For the dressing I used Ken’s Dressing in my all-time favorite flavor, Raspberry Vinaigrette.

Freshest Salad 4

I typically hate tomatoes on anything but OH. MY. GOODNESS. IT. WAS. SO. GOOD! I think they combined nicely with the other ingredients and the raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

In the future I’d like to kick it up a notch and include corn salsa in addition to the other toppings I used this time around. I found a recipe for it and pinned it to my Pinterest board “Food & Drinks“. Also, I’m thinking blueberries and radishes, which don’t get enough credit for how peppery and delicious they are and how much flavor they add to a salad. With fall right around the corner I’d also like to experiment with some ways to make my salads more “winter friendly” and hearty.

Freshest Salad 3

Let me know what type of toppings you love on your salads! And for those of you in the South, happy Game Day 😉

xx Court xx

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